How often/when do your earrings go on sale?

I do my best to do 2 shop updates every month. You can check my bio on either twitter or instagram to see when my next shop update will be. 

What metals do you use for your earring posts?

I use hypoallergenic stainless steel posts. So far I haven’t had an customers with sensitive ears have any issues. 

Are clay earrings heavy?

Polymer clay is very lightweight! It is much lighter than plastic or metals. 

Do you make clip-ons?

I don’t make pre-made clip-one, but I do carry clip-on converters that can be used with most of my earrings. If you need a clip-on converter please message me after purchase.

Do you remake past designs?

I do on occasion, but I usually don’t remake designs back to back.

How fast do your earrings sell out and how can I better my chances of buying a pair?

I am very fortunate that my earrings sell out VERY fast! Sometimes 5 minutes or less. To better your chances I highly recommend setting an alarm and setting up Apple, Google, or Shop Pay for an accelerated checkout. 

Do you do custom orders?

At the moment I am no longer taking orders for custom designs. However, on occasion I will be taking special orders only for remakes of past designs. I will announce when the spots go on sale.